urban park concept




An urban park concept was released by the landscape architects from CMD/LA for a construction company who wants to build this green area at least 60 km far from the Capital of Romania, Bucharest. For this construction, the Landscape Concept proposes a large green area with many components as: 3 events ballrooms, an artificial lake, a restaurant by the pool, a large zone of trees, a small size forest, pavilions for exclusive outdoor events, and many others.

For this goal, CMD/LA draw a master plan, a landscape architecture concept which where they integrated all specialities: the position of the buildings, the parking area, the artificial lake, the woods, the VIP restaurnat and the pool. The main project’s goal is to obtain a green complex, a park which where must integrated main objects: ballrooms. Those 3 ballrooms, with different capacities: 250, 350, 450 guests were designed by the architects from Alderamin leaded by the architect Andreea Besliu. These architecture pieces were positioned on the eastern edge of the lake, with large terraces and pontoons for guests. From this point every guest is able to contemplate the hole lake, forest and the waterfall which is falling from the infinity pool.

The Lake, large by 13 thousands square meter, has 2 meter deep and will be “populated” with water plants for the best way to peroxide the lake. On the other side of the lake a new small size forest will cover all the western side of the site. The forest is composed by deciduous species of trees like Oaks and Ashes. In the northern side the master plan proposes a large VIP area with a luxury restaurant and infinity pool.

In the end, the client’s desire is to construct an urban park, a project for a park for private events on an area by 80.000 square meter, a site which will contibute to a positive climate change.


Landscape Architecture: CMD/LA

Architecture: Alderamin si Andreea Besliu



parc pentru evenimente private