small garden for private events




The project below, A Small Garden for Private Events, is the answer for how our Client planed to grow his business. In fact, our Client wishes to have an outdoor space which where he wants to invite his clients and friends in a small garden for private events, for business meetings with local personalities from Bucharest’s music and film fields.

For this purpose, our landscape architecture office draw a simple Landscape Concept where smart ideas come to answer to the Client’s vision. First of all, we increased the main level with 60 cm. For this, our purpose was to see those beautiful lines of a large stair finished with Limestone pavement. Then, the main object of this small garden was to design a iron-structure pavilion, like an outdoor living room, for 10, maybe 15 people, a space which where they can have cocktail parties, watch movies on a large cinema screen, or listen to music and have social or business conversations.

In addition, we designed a small kitchen to serve to our Client’s pleasure to cook for his guests. After all, we succeeded to create a contemporary place, with industrial accents, a cosy small garden, an answer for any need our client asked for.


Landscape Concept: CMD/LA



plan amenajarea unei gradini cu pavilion metalic