gradina cu ierburi ornamentale si bazin cu apa



parc pentru evenimente private


An urban park concept was released by the landscape architects from CMD/LA for a construction company who wants to build this green area at least 60 km far from the Capital of Romania, Bucharest.

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landscape rehabilitation urban project


The Municipality of Galati not only wanted a landscape rehabilitation and modernization landscape architecture project for the city’s urban areas, but also finding an urban identity ment to differentiate it amongst the other dull, Romanian cities.

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garden with ornamental grass


A family from Bucharest came to us with the desire to create an intimate garden, using ornamental grass and decorative metal water basin, an oasis where they can relax and pause while listening to the smoothing sound of water, far away from prying eyes.

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public parkway in galati


The public parkway – Navelor Zone / Elice Park – is part of the public spaces rehabilitation landscape project of Galati. It connects the Spicu/Romarta zone and Navelor Street to Elice Park and the Danube riverfront of Galati.

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landscape architecture project for a lighting showroom


This space was created in such a manner as to offer both visitors an employees a complete experience – the strong, well-defined lines efficiently mark the points of interes without disturbing the local landscape, actually enhancing it.

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snall garden for private events


The project below, A Small Garden for Private Events, is the answer for how our Client planed to grow his business. In fact, our Client wishes to have an outdoor space which where he wants to invite his clients and friends in a small garden for private events, for business meetings with local personalities from Bucharest’s music and film fields.

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large garden by the lake


The CMD/LA landscape architecture office was requested to carry out the landscaping project of this large garden by the lake.

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landscape architecture master plan


Ballroom Landscape Architecture Masterplan, a project prepared by CMD/LA for two private and corporate events ballrooms designed bt Paradigma Architecture Studio.

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a small garden in bucharest


Bucharest is known for its small, hidden, beautifully wild gardens that you can find throughout the city, if you just look close enough. The set-up of such a garden as an outdoor lounge is the theme of this landscape architecture project, where the outdoor space becomes an extention of the living room and kitchen area – a space where the family meets for coffee or a relaxing glass of wine around the fire pit.

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landscape concept for office buildings


CMD/LA was chosen as a partner by BTFArch for the architecture concept of the landscape component for a very important office building in Bucharest with two atriums, a reception zone and a lobby. The landscape project was a complex one, with several components: two huge planter boxes will adorne the space, each receiving two Washingtonia palm trees of 11 and 13 meter height.

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landscape project for industrial spaces


An automotive company from Bucharest wanted to arrange the outer space of the factory, transforming a vacant land into a green space dedicated to its employees. In this landscape architecture project for industrial spaces, the landscape architect proposes an interest dialog in which its protagonists are the alley routes that cross the land in front of the office and production building.

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a classic garden in bucharest


Combining the old with the new in the arrangement of this garden, made in a natural style of gardens, the Coman opted for a simple design in terms of functionality, but spectacular in the overall composition.

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setting up a small garden


At first glance, setting up a small garden can seem simple. However, you’d be surprised to find that small gardens offer you at least the same difficulties, if not greater than gardens with generous surfaces. When the client asked the landscape architect Cosmin Coman to draw up a project of landscaping, the space outside the house had no function. It was a swampy land, a mix-match full of various types and species of plants.

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