peisagistica zone centrale galati




The Municipality of Galati not only wanted a landscape rehabilitation and modernization urban project for the city’s central areas, but also finding an urban identity ment to differentiate it amongst the other dull, Romanian middle size cities. For this purpose, CMD/LA, together with BTFArch, drew up the Landscape and Urbanism Concept for the Spicu, Dunarea and Potcoava central areas.

Potcoava will become a landmark, the gate to the city center. A space in which exhibitions and trade fairs will be organized, with a large pedestrian platform where the inhabitants will be able to meet, socialize and transit from the city to the Down Town.

The Danube is the main nucleus of the Central area in Galati, connecting Braila Street with Domneasca and Navelor streets. Here also, the urban furniture is modern, giving the city a new image in the romanian urban landscape. The pedestrian walkway, beside its transit function between Domneasca street and Spicu area, will provide the inhabitants with a cultural space – where there will be showcases and boxes for sculpture or painting exhibitions, a space where public consultations can be organized for the main projects of Galati.

The most rambunctious area, with a huge urban potential (that the project has taken advantage of) offers the inhabitants a meeting place where you can relax and spend some leisure time. In the form of urban squares, the two sites are connected by the street, which, on the weekends, will be transformed into a pedestrian area, precisely to extend the promenade to the south and give coherence in the pedestrian flow. Platforms and spaces for roller blades, bicycle parks, rest benches, large lawns and games of water and light, all to increase the quality of life of the inhabitants of Galati.


Concept: CMD/LA + BTFArch

Landscape Architecture: CMD/LA

Architecture: BTFArch

Specialities: Proiect SA Galati

Constructor: Tancrad



reabilitare peisagistica zone centrale galati