proiecte de peisagistica pentru spatii industriale




An automotive company from Bucharest wanted to arrange the outer space of the factory, transforming a vacant land into a space dedicated to its employees. In this landscape project for industrial spaces, the landscape artist proposes an interesting dialogue in which its protagonists are the alley routes that cross the land in front of the office and production building.

Following the specific features of industrial landscape architecture, the project continues the geometry of the space, through tree alignments (Fraxinus Ornus Mecsek, Aesculus Carnea Briotii). With attention to detail and in order to interrupt the possible monotony of the angles, the landscaper drew a few lines that cross the traffic diagonals, lines that are, in fact, white concrete borders, in contrast to the green lawns.

The vegetation chosen is predominantly deciduous and was secured with the help of the specialists from Natural Design. Besides the tree species in the alignments, #CMD_LA proposes two massive groups of Betula in alignment and 3 Platanus Acerifolia. In time, and with the help of the maintenance and cleaning company, its branches will be guided in an imaginary parallelism with the land thus forming a massive green umbrella over to the space where two tennis tables will be located.

In the area of the decorative pool, a massive group of Phyllostachis is proposed, while behind the covered area (resting patio) an area with Cotoneaster Horizontalis will be found. The rest benches, located along the main alley, will be made of stone (concrete) into geometric shapes, with the seating area made of wood.

The whole idea behind the landscape project for industrial spaces is to create a modern, minimalist space, striking through its straight lines, sometimes even aggressive, vibrant through the shapes and colors of its beautiful vegetation species, a young and vitalizing space, specific to the office, protocol or industrial areas.


Arhitectura Peisagera: CMD

Antreprenor peisagistica: Natural Design



proiecte de peisagistica pentru spatii industriale