peisagistica spatii birouri




For the architecture of the office building’s two atriums, the reception and the lobby, BTFArch was appointed as General Architect. The eastern atrium, smallest of the two, is intended for reception, while the western one, more generous in space, is for the company’s employees and client-meetings in an atmosphere reminiscent of the multi-culturality of the company.

For the architectural Concept of the landscape component, CMD/LA was chosen as a partner by BTFArch. The HBC Atrium project of landscape architecture was a complex one, with several components. Two huge planter boxes, by the design of CMD/LA, will adorn the space, each receiving two Washingtonia genus palm trees of 11 m and 13 m in height.

The planter boxes, designed from metal structures and plated with fibro-cement tiles, hide an intricate watering system: inside they were designed both hydro and thermal insulation systems, as well as networks for drainage and water capture resulting from automated drainage and irrigation. To give a quality environment for the palm trees, a projector system with the role of ensuring the process of photosynthesis throughout the night will be installed, mounted on the glass ceiling structure.

The walls of the planters are transformed into urban furniture, by having wooden-plated structures in the console, thus creating new space – benches in the areas of socialization and business meetings. Joining the scene, two smaller stainless steel planter boxes, designed at floor-level, are planted with bamboo species.

A second component of the landscape project is the design of two impressive green walls, to the left and to the right of the elevators, that make a route behind the curtain wall. The two 30-meter walls, made of MDF, will breathe life into the space, hosting a large array of stabilized plants, following a process of replacing the sap with a 100% natural substance, based on glycerin and sugar.

The landscaping of this indoor space, from its glass facades and wooden slats to its spectacular – 30 meters high chandeliers; along with the other architectural components, water stainless steel basins, a 6 meters long aquarium (also drawn by CMD/LA), glass floors, a desk from a single marble block of over 7 tons, furniture and lighting, all the work of the BTFArch architecture office, complete a concept that gives the Client the image of a multinational, multicultural company, strongly established in the market, a leader on his global business niche.


Architecture Lobbies: BTF

Landscape Architecture Lobby: CMD

Landscape Constructor: Maple Architectural Design



peisagistica spatii birouri