landscape architecture project for a lighting showroom




This space was created in such a manner as to offer both visitors and employees a complete experience – the strong, well-defined lines efficiently mark the points of interest without disturbing the local landscape, actually enhancing it. The showroom is submerged in the decorative metal basins specially placed to give the building a suspension effect, while architectural lighting placed both above and below enhances the visibility of the water and the overall futuristic feel of the area.

We kept the natural dialogue between water and plants harmonious – combining rectangular islands with different types of shrubs, while the basins of water end up in massive ornamental grass. The discreet basin in front of the windows enhance the displays, thanks to the mirroring effect of the water, once again showing how a natural element can be used to enhance a man-made construction.

In the stillness of the scenery, an imposing stone in length and texture rises above the water level, together with the black gravel and metal proposed for the basins, but also with the carpentry of the showcases, they create the scenographic background suitable for the stories displayed in the windows.

Although a narrow site, the parallelism of the lines proposed in the project is judiciously interrupted by the two volumes (pavilion and access to the showroom), thus weighing in the depth of the perspectives from the entry point to the western end. The pavilion, with its concrete walls (or with metallic structures plated with Placocem and finished with decorative paint), was designed to fill the need for both a smoking space, but also for outdoor events. In order to ensure a natural ventilation of the space, the pavilion has two suspended ceilings, one of perforated sheet, the other of glass. If daylight is considered an “enemy” of conventional lighting, the pavilion manages to take advantage of the sunlight, projecting on the pavement texts in the form of tags used in the beneficiary’s communication on social platforms.

The contrast between the two metal basins is well highlighted in the evening. If the basin near the showcases proposes a discrete, horizontal, underwater lighting; then the one on the left, in the area where the facade continues to the east, is more dynamic, highlighted by different types of lighting: rods with optical lighting, underwater projectors, projectors mounted on the islands in the basin, but also in the gravel line that accentuates the basin line.

Thus, a special scenery will be projected on the facade, through the shadows of the plants from the planter boxes and from the islands in the basin. The main concrete planter box is designed so that, especially at night, it will induce the idea of floating above the pavement, through continuous lighting at the level of the baseboard. The very form of this structure leads the visitor to the showroom access or to the parking area.

This Landscape Architecture project for a lighting showroom was released bu CMD/LA in 2008.


Landscape Concept: CMD/LA



proiect de peisagistica showroom