masterplan de amenajare peisagistica




This landscape architecture Master Plan is a project developed by CMD/LA for a private and corporate events ballroom designed by Paradigma Architecture Studio. The master plan includes the concept of landscaping and exterior arrangements for the reception area and the terraces by the lake, including the pontoons on which private events will be organized.

It must be mentioned that this project is an atypical one for Bucharest, at least from the dendrology stand point, because the project proposes a different approach, through a mix of native trees and exemplary artificial trees, palm trees in our case, that will be mounted on metal structures and concrete sockets.

The reception area is mainly represented by the car park in which lustrous green lanes with palm trees and ornamental grass will separate the traffic directions, giving warmth and life to the cold concrete. The land has a descending slope towards the lake. In the area from the terraces, the land forms an important declivity that will be arranged with boulders and gravel, to remind of the arid areas of California, with specific vegetation (palm trees, Yucca, Pine trees).

With a generous wooden deck in common, the lakeside terraces will each be marked by a pool, giving the whole space a sense of balance. From the terraces, guests will be able to access the pontoon areas, metal structures enclosed with wooden decks, by means of stairs that will lead them over the lake. The two lounges, beautifully designed by architects from Paradigma Studio, will have glazed facades to the lake, the guests being the ones who will enjoy the visual perspective; regardless of the place they will occupy in the event rooms.

Such a landscape architecture master plan is the result of great teamwork, in which landscape architects, architects, engineers and specialists from related fields have all been an integral part of the creative process.


Architecture: Paradigma Studio

Landscape Concept: CMD/LA



masterplan de amenajare peisagistica