amenajari gradini mici in bucuresti




Bucharest is known for its small, hidden, beautifully wild gardens, that you can find throughout the city, if you just look close enough. The set-up of such a garden as an outdoor lounge is the theme of this project, where the outdoor space becomes an extension of the living room and kitchen area; a space where the family meets for coffee or a relaxing glass of wine around the fire pit.

On the first visit, the landscaper Cosmin Coman found an inner courtyard used as a passageway connecting the entrance hall with the ground floor rooms, rarely used as a dining space. Two terraces, oddly drawn, seemed like an unhappy improvisation.

The house’s architecture, one that reminds us of the Spanish colonial style, proposed on the inside 3 facades yellowed of old age, with damaged awnings and a guard painted in dark brown, many elements that although beautiful, were not highlighted by color and finishes.

That’s why our small garden in Bucharest proposes the preservation and redesign of the terraces, while also creating a contemporary space and integrating it in the general architecture of the house. Hence, two planters, (one on each side), will limit the space where, on a cozy and comfortable sofa, the family will be able to relax and enjoy the gentle heat irradiating from the fire pit. The fire pit occupies the central space and is placed on an onyx slab- there aren’t many projects where you can enjoy materials such as onyx.

All the walls have wainscots made of blackboard painted in anthracite gray. All the vertical tiles, as well as the floor of the terraces were made entirely with Vratza limestone, brushed and treated. Above the coffee space and around the fire pit, a wooden pergola, equipped with an automated retractable coating system, painted in anthracite gray, will be able to protect the space from rain or snow.

The planters are filled with species of decorative grasses and softwood shrubs, while at the very center, two beautiful Coryllus Contorta stretch their branches towards the sun. The entire landscaping work, setting up the planters, the earth and gravel was wonderfully executed by Natural Design.

On the wall on which the whole composition rests, the landscaper Coman proposed an abstract painting of the shape of a leaf. The painting, a product of the specialist in decorative plastering, Marian Dinca, perfectly combines the texture of the paint with the color of the Cor-ten panels.

The architects from Kuusai, our new friends, used the cutting of the onyx slab also in decorating the indoor floors in the access hall, which, together with the restoration of the facades and the guard, but also with the newly arranged garden, responded positively to the needs of the beneficiaries, the need for a contemporary, clean space, a retrieval of the house’s architecture in communion with the outside space.


Landscape: CMD

Constructor: Natural Design



amenajari gradini mici in bucuresti