a public parkway in galati




A public parkway in Galati – Navelor/Elice – is part of the “public spaces” rehabilitation project of Galati Municipality released bu CMD/LA and BTFArch. It connects the Spicu/Romarta zone and Naval Street to Parcul Elice (Helices Park), and the Danube seafront of Galati.

It’s divided into 3 zones: Northern Parkway, Plaza, Southern Parkway; all while respecting the natural topography of the land, by retrieving the 5.5 meter difference (from North to South), through 12 cm steps positioned at every 20 meters. The Plaza, as the Central area of the Parkway, measures 28,6 meter width and 40 meters length, while the pedestrian profile maintains a 2% declivity (slope) of the pavement in the Northern Parkway and of 1% in the Plaza and Southern Parkway. In the northern area, a 6 per 6 meter pyramid trunk, with metallic walls engraved with the names of the cities’ important personalities will allow water to flow over the walls, into hidden gutters in the pavement, while on the southern wall of the pyramid trunk the water will flow through a metal niche in the basin between the parapets described above. Once reached the basin between the parapets, the water will begin to flow naturally in the slope of 2%.

Thus, the watercourse is at a starting point of -5 cm from the concrete parapet. The parapets will have 20 cm elevation changes every 10 meters. The watercourse will have elevation breaks every 10 meters with different heights, depending on taking over the 5 cm difference from the parapet. The trough will be made of natural granite stone, placed on the concrete plate in 60 cm x 60 cm tiles. At each quota break, the stone will be mounted to form a miniature waterfall. And because we want everyone to enjoy the space, in the eastern area of the Parkway, along the concrete parapets that support the watercourse, ramps will be arranged along it’s entire length so that people with disabilities can have an easy access and enjoy the great outdoor. Except for these ramps, levelling the land differences will be done through 12 cm steps, every 20 meters.

In the Plaza, the watercourse will reach below the level of the pavement, that’s why above it we will mount metal grids from which water jets of different intensities will emerge. The water will flow with the help of a metal tank, below the metal grates and will be seen again starting with the South Promenade, where it will reach floor level, with no concrete railings for support.

At the end of the route, the water will flow into a 10 mm blackboard metal basin. Large granite boulders will be installed in the basin, about 1.5-2.0 tons each. From here, the water will be taken by pumps that will restore its circuit near the visible route to the pyramid trunk in the north.

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Landscape Concept: CMD/LA + BTFArch

Architectur: BTFArch

Engineering: Proiect SA Galati



a public parkway in galati