a large garden by the lake




The BTFArch architectural office has redesigned two buildings in Bucurestii Noi district, giving them new identities and functions: a special architecture of the buildings destined for two families in Bucharest. The CMD/LA landscape architecture office was requested to carry out the landscaping project of this large garden by the lake.

For this project, the landscape’s designer, Cosmin Coman, proposed a romantic garden, a more natural setting that complements, without visually altering the beautiful design of the houses and environment. The terrain relief is what gives us the naturalness of the LV Garden architecture, descending towards the lake, from south to north, almost 4 meters.

Taking advantage of the amazing space, several areas of interest for the garden were proposed: a miniature forest, in fact a mass of deciduous trees; a decorative lake from which a spring will fall over the large blocks of stone embedded in the slopes; a smooth, vast green lawn, lightly descending towards the lake, bordered by streams of decorative grass, with alleys discretely suggested by large slabs of stone arranged here and there on the lawn.

In the vicinity of the pontoon, and towering over the beautiful scenery, a contemporary-styled gazebo will offer the Client the opportunity to contemplate both the garden and lake, in a relaxing, intimate setting.

The “lake house” incorporates a greenhouse with flowers and indoor plants, palm trees, lemons and decorative herbs; but also with a small place to relax, dream or just have your classical cup of coffee. From the greenhouse, the Client will be able to see painting itself in the distance a massive of birch trees, with its thick, vertical, black and white trunks transporting him into a beautiful autumn forest.

The arrangement of the garden could not be complete without the various species of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers, carefully chosen so that by their flowering, and change of leaf colors will delight the beneficiary at any time of the year. The landscaping works were executed by Natural Design in Bucharest.

To complete the look of the garden, a series of planters were arranged with trees, shrubs and ornamental grass; while large blocks of stone give the appearance of a natural site on which support walls were built.

A team as big as the project itself, consisting of architects, engineers, designers and landscapers, created the “space” in which the Client will feel at home, a place where he will be able to disconnect from the commotion of an increasingly crowded Capital.


Architecture: BTFArch Ro Company

Landscape Architecture: CMD/LA

Landscape Constructor: Natural Design



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