A family from Bucharest came to us with the desire to create an intimate garden, using ornamental grass and a decorative metal water basin, an oasis where they can relax and pause while listening to the smoothing sound of water, far away from prying eyes.

For the intimate effect, we surrounded the pool from one side with Platanus trees, creating a permanent screen shield between the garden and it’s neighbouring buildings, while on the other side we incorporated a mass of ornamental grass, gently embracing the silhouette of a contemporary art sculpture – head – perspective from the pool.

On the right side, an evergreen Prunus hedge will separate this lawn area from the turf in the center of the garden. From the pool side there will be access of two stone plaque platforms of different heights that open a natural stone path leading to the main bedroom. This wonderful inner yard, belonging to the main bedroom, is the perfect spot to enjoy a good glass of wine in the sunset light, while admiring the tranquil landscape of garden.

Furniture – wise, simplicity is the key: two sofas and two accent chairs, separated by two coffee tables will be giving our client the support they need for those warm summer nights, while wooden plaque will uplift the fence, making the space more intimate.

Using an exclusive concept of our office, an important shaft will be created from the barbecue area towards the garden, with a generous gravel alley in the middle of which a 10-meter long and 35 cm high, black metal decorative water basin will be placed. A metal pavilion with perforated metal plaques and sandwich-type panels will frame the BBQ area, another concept of our team. BHC, a company with which we have been smoothly collaborating for years, made all metal structures.

The perspective end of the shaft is occupied by a massive stone block, attentively selected and polished, to serve as a sitting area or just as a massive piece of decoration. The shaft is well defined by two rows of Oak Trees, proudly rising from the ornamental grass. The living area of the new building will have two glazed facades. The access to the inner yard will be done on a glass surface, above a decorative water basin. Access to the inner courtyard will be done on a glass surface, above a decorative water basin. 4 niches will cross this surface of the glass from which ornamental grass will emerge. The corridor connecting to the house access area will become another intimate relaxation area, using the same simple, yet powerful elements: a beautifully worked stone block carefully placed on a gravel area, contrasted by a small shrub.

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Landscape Concept: CMD/LA

Constructor: Cherry’s Garden

Metal Constructions: BHC



garden with ornamental grass