proiecte pentru gradini naturale




A classic garden in Bucharest rises in the the middle of the city, a project developed by the landscape designer Cosmin Coman which opted for a simple design in terms of functionality, but spectacular in the overall composition.

Because the dimensions of the living space and the main terrace were higher than the actual land, the landscaper did not allow the forced welding of the house with the garden, but, quite contrary, he decided uniting these two essential components by a generous, smooth slope, which descends from 0.85 terrace level to 0.00 land level. Normally, such classic garden projects create difficulties in observing the specific, historical features of the gardens.

Taking advantage of the particular architecture of the house, the arrangement of the living spaces as well as the external components (terrace, infinity pool), which are integrated parts of the house, for the landscaping artist it was very easy to create and place the functional areas of the garden, as follows: meditation area (two stone benches in the shade of an arcade with columns); recreation area (decorative lake and oriental garden); social area (lower terrace with table and barbecue).

The display created by the lush vegetation is a special one. Various species of large-scale deciduous trees provided by Natural Design adorn the garden, hiding it from prying eyes, so that the beneficiaries have total privacy. Also, important groups of softwoods will bring their positive contribution to the profile of the facade of the house, by placing them at the ends of the building, thus highlighting once again the architecture of the house. Although relatively small in size, the decorative lake is especially highlighted by the vegetation as well as by the fish that will populate it.

In the already typical pursuit of new and modern, the concept of this classic garden in the center of Bucharest finds as a life partner the house that governs the space, in a present strongly rooted in the past, a newly created space that does not forget its origins.


Landscape Architecture: CMD/LA

Landscape Constructor: Natural Design



proiecte pentru gradini naturale